Now Accepting Submissions
for the 2nd Instagram
Photo Contest!Now Accepting Submissions
for the 2nd Instagram
Photo Contest!

The theme of the 2nd Photo Contest is "Marking 400 Years Since Lord Asano Entered Hiroshima Castle" and we're looking for pictures not just of Hiroshima Castle, but of places that are connected to Lord Asano, like Shukkeien Garden. To enter, just follow the official Hiroshima City Instagram (@hiroshima_city_official) and post your photos using the hashtag #400YearsofAsanoContest! The winners will receive fabulous prizes, so what are you waiting for? Enter today!


Submissions Are Now Closed for the 2nd Instagram Photo Contest Celebrating the Hiroshima City Official Instagram!
Thank you for all the wonderful entries.

46 lucky winners will win these fabulous prizes!

Winning Entries

First Prize

1 pair of tickets to Christmas Dinner at the Rihga Royal Hotel in Hiroshima

Second Prize

5 pairs of tickets for lunch at the ANA Crowne Plaza Hotel in Hiroshima

Third Prize

10 sets of assortments of Hiroshima products (worth ¥2500)

Fourth Prize

30 promotional goods and products

Please read the following before entering

Submission Regulations

●Photos must be of places related to Lord Asano ●Photos do not have to be taken in Hiroshima Prefecture
●You can use photos taken before the submission period●Enter as many photos as you like ●Photos must be your own

Regarding Selection and Announcement of Winners

The City of Hiroshima will select winners in early November 2019. The contest office will send DMs to the winning Instagram accounts which submitted photos. If there is no reply within 5 days of notification, the winning selection will be considered void. Winners will be announced on the official Hiroshima City Instagram account and on the photo contest website. Please note: Photos from locked accounts, using multiple pictures in one post, photos in which participants have not given their consent, photos containing personal information, photos which have already been used in print media, exhibitions, etc., will not be permitted.

【Submission Guidelines】

Submissions for this contest will only be accepted via Instagram (posts on other forms of social media will not be accepted).
Submission Period: 9/1 (Sun) to 10/31 (Thurs) 2019
Selection Period: 11/1 (Fri) to 11/15 (Fri) 2019
Announcement of Results: 11/27 (Wed) 2019 (tentative) ➡ December 6, 2019 (Fri)
Results will now be announced on:

DMs will be sent to the winning Instagram accounts. If there is no reply within 5 days of notification, the winning selection will be considered void. If users unfollow the official Hiroshima City Instagram account (@hiroshima_city_official) during the selection period, their submissions will be considered void. After the prizes have been determined, the winning Instagram account names and the winning photos will be featured on the photo contest website. Selection will be performed by the City of Hiroshima, and will be conducted in a fair and unbiased manner. If multiple pictures are used in one submission, the submission will be judged by the very first photo in the series.

【Please Note the Following】

There is the possibility that submitted photos, captions, and comments may not be posted to the Hiroshima City account for various reasons. Copyrights to the photos belong to their respective photographers; usage rights belong to the City of Hiroshima and the contest office appointed by the City of Hiroshima. The people, vehicles, buildings, etc in submissions must clear portrait and image rights. Submissions under suspicion of copyright infringement will be taken down and their prize revoked. Should submissions be deemed by the City of Hiroshima or the contest office to be against public decency or not in line with the theme of the contest, they reserve the right to remove them from the selection process without notification. Submissions and winning photos may be used for PR by the City of Hiroshima such as brochures/leaflets, posters, newspapers, the Internet, etc. Photos used in these capacities may be edited for size, color, etc. Inquiries regarding the results or the contest, or inquiries received after the submission deadline will not be accepted. If users wish to retract their submission to the contest, they may do so by deleting the photo from their Instagram account. If the contest office cannot contact the winner, the winning entry will be considered void. Shipping of prizes is limited to inside of Japan only. Prizes are subject to change without prior notice due to unavoidable circumstances. The rights as a winner are limited to the winning photographer; these rights cannot be given to other parties (including family members) nor can they be sold. The City of Hiroshima and the contest office are not responsible for any trouble caused by submissions or Instagram comments, nor are they responsible for damages incurred to participants or third parties during participation in this contest.

Organized by: The City of HiroshimaInquires : TEL 082-504-2116

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