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Coverage of the Peace Memorial Ceremony 2019

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■ Coverage of the Peace Memorial Ceremony

Coverage of the Peace Memorial Ceremony is possible in a specified limited area. In general, permission for this area is granted only to the following media organizations:
   i)    Member companies of the Hiroshima City Press Club
   ii)   Member companies of the Japan Newspaper Publishers and Editors Association
   iii)  Member companies of the National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan
   iv)  Member companies of the Foreign Press in Japan (FPIJ)
   v)   Foreign media organizations consigned by the Foreign Press Center/Japan (FPCJ)

To cover the ceremony you must wear a press pass issued by the city and an armband clearly displaying the name of your company. Without these you may be refused entrance to certain areas or activities.

The press pass application and press coverage regulations of the Peace Memorial Ceremony are as follows. After reading these regulations and double-checking your application details, please fill out and submit your press pass application to Public Relations Section (koho@city.hiroshima.lg.jp).


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