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Publication to Mark the 70th Anniversary of the A-bombing

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 As a commemorative project for the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing, a compilation covering the history of the birth of Hiroshima City in 1889, through the atomic bombing and reconstruction, to the present, is slated to be completed in fiscal 2017.

《 "City and Citizen Life" as a Theme 》

Pre-war Shintenchi AreaThe theme of this compilation of city history is, "City and Citizen Life." This compilation will include testimonies of A-bomb survivors and those involved in reconstruction, so that even young people can picture Hiroshima's history, and the livelihoods and culture lost in the atomic bombing. The compilation tells how citizens lived in each era.
Therefore, it will cover the history of our city; from its birth in the Meiji Period; life before the atomic bombing, the devastation by the atomic bombing and the reconstruction after, until the present. By retracing our city’s history from before the atomic bombing in each era, we hope readers can deepen their understanding of the realities of the atomic bombing and history, and think about our future.

《 An Important Opportunity to Record Testimony 》

Banner for the 6th National Sports FestivalWe are gathering materials in conjunction with this compilation. This work may be the the last opportunity   for us to obtain testimonies from aging A-bomb survivors and people involved in reconstruction. While writings and photographs that show the culture and life of the time have been passed down through generations of family, some items may be discarded as unusable. We are collecting and keeping valuable testimonies and materials in order to pass them down to the next generation. 



*** Please Donate Your Personal or Family Materials ***

We are collecting materials that represent how the city has changed since the Meiji Period, how it was reconstructed after the atomic bombing and the livelihoods of the citizens of Hiroshima before and after the war. Aside from writings or photographs, we are also looking for materials from that period, such as testimonies, notes, diaries, maps, picture postcards, pamphlets and household account books. Things that may seem too personal and you never thought to donate, can show the daily lives of citizens in the past.
資料写真If you have materials from that period and
if you have someone willing to speak with us,
please contact Hiroshima Municipal Archives.

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