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On this page, how to navigate the website of the City of Hiroshima will be explained.

Basic Search

You can search within the website of the city as follows.

Enter any keyword related to the page that you want to visit, and click the Search button.

* The search is performed regardless of whether the keyword consists of one-byte or two-byte characters, or of lowercase or uppercase characters in alphanumeric or kana formats.

Basic Search

1.        Refine Search

If you obtain too many search results and cannot find the page that you are looking for, enter several keywords separated with a space.

Since search results are narrowed down to pages that include several keywords, you can more easily access the page that you are looking for.

Refine Search

2.        Suggest Function

With the input of a few characters of a keyword, candidate keywords that frequently appear on the website are displayed.

Suggest Function

˜Explanation of Search Results Page

Image display

Screenshot images of pages are displayed on the search results page. Place the mouse pointer over an image to enlarge it.

Image display

Icon display

When files on the search results page are in PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or CSV format, relevant icons are displayed after the titles of individual files.

Icon display

Inquiries regarding this site

Public Relations Division, Planning and General Affairs Bureau