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Q. How many people died because of the atomic bombing?

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The population of Hiroshima when the bomb was dropped was approximately 350,000. This figure includes residents, military personnel, people from surrounding towns and villages mobilized to demolish buildings in the city, and people from Japan's colonies: Korea, Taiwan, and the Chinese continent. Some of the latter were conscripted laborers. A few foreign students from China and Southeast Asia and U.S. prisoners of war were also in the city. 

The exact number of deaths from the atomic bombing is still unknown. Estimates place the number of dead by the end of December 1945, when the acute effects of radiation poisoning had largely subsided, at roughly 140,000.

Roughly 50% of those within 1.2 kilometers of the hypocenter are estimated to have died that day. Approaching the hypocenter, 80 to100% died. Of those who survived the detonation and through the rest of the day, death rates increased with proximity to the hypocenter and severity of injury. 

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