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  MATSUI Kazumi


The City of Hiroshima



                                     Date of Birth                   January 8, 1953             


        Education                       Graduated from the Faculty of Law, Kyoto University                                        





Work Experience

            1976                            Joined Ministry of Labour

            1989                            First Secretary, Embassy of Japan in the United Kingdom

            1993                            Director, Women Worker’s Division, Women’s Bureau

            1994                            Director, Employment Measures for the Aged Division, Measures for the Aged and

                                                Disabled Department, Employment Security Bureau

            2002                            Director, General Coordination Division, Minister’s Secretariat

            2006                            Assistant Minister for International Affairs     

                                                 Japanese representative to the ILO Governing Body                                      

            2008                            Director General, Secretariat of Central Labour Relations Commission          

            April 2011                   Assumed office as Mayor of Hiroshima

            April 2015                   Re-elected as Mayor of Hiroshima  


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