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 Chapter 8 Saeki Ward

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Chapter 8 Saeki Ward

1 Catch Phrase

“Collabo-city — Saeki Ward”
“Collabo-city” is a combination of the words “collaboration” and “city,” and represents a positive cooperative relationship between residents and the local government. While both parties are well aware of their roles and responsibilities, they hereby renew their determination to join forces to realize the future image of the Ward.

2 Future vision
(1) A town that takes advantage of the nearby sea, rivers, mountains, hot springs as well as local history and culture
(2) Mutual support for a safe and secure community
(3) An energetic and comfortable town where people come to socialize with one another

3 Attractiveness projects
○ “Otakara Network” Area Resource Promotion Project
○ Hometown Pride Promotion Project
○ “Magokoro Network” Elderly Services Project
○ Lively Exchange Promotion Project

4 District Community Development Vision Familiar to Residents:Direction of Community Development
(1) Itsukaichi District
○ Development of relaxing waterfront areas while utilizing local greenery
○ Community development aimed at making Itsukaichi the most livable district in Hiroshima
○ Promoting the development of district entryways into bustling exchange centers
(2) Yuki District
○ Community development for easy and comfortable living
○ Development of a community of tourism that takes advantage of its abundant local resources
○ Promoting the development of an energetic and active community while highlighting rural culture
(3) Kochi District
○ Community development through the preservation of local history, culture and nature
○ Development of a mutually-supportive community that is connected by local rivers
○ Promoting the development of a lively community in which all three major district areas (Kochi, Ayagaoka and Fujinoki) exchange with one another
(4) Ishiuchi/Yahata/Kan-non District
○ Community development for the creation of bright future in which the community is in harmony with nature
○ Development of a relaxing community surrounded by flowers and greenery
○ Promoting the development of a warmhearted community



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