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 Chapter 7 Aki Ward

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Chapter 7 Aki Ward

1 Catch Phrase

“Cheerful and active Aki Ward where the residents and towns are closely connected”
The phrase represents a firm desire of the residents to bring about the realization of a cheerful and active Aki Ward, where it is easy to live in happiness and in good health through reinforcing people-to-people and town-to-town relationships through the teamwork of residents and the local government.

2 Future vision
(1) Peaceful town that coexists with an abundance of nature
(2) Warmhearted town where people live in safety and health
(3) Town of exchange and personal interaction with a culturally rich atmosphere
(4) An lively area that serves as the driving force towards connecting Hiroshima’s eastern districts

3 Attractiveness projects
○ Relaxing Nature Area Access Project
○ Community Relationship-building Project
○ Convivial Society Development Project
○ Hometown History and Culture Experience Project
○ District Networking Project

4 District Community Development Vision Familiar to Residents:Direction of Community Development
(1) Funakoshi District
○ Development of a warmhearted living environment where residents take pride in local nature and the passing down of cultural and historical resources
○ Community development that allows every resident to live in safety and security
○ Promoting the development of a comfortable living environment through area beautification and the creation of scenic locations
(2) Senogawa District
○ Community development that allows for residents and visitors to enjoy the area’s rich natural environment
○ Promoting community development that strengthens bonds and increases cooperative consciousness within the district
○ Development of a warmhearted living environment where everyone brings out the town’s attractive qualities
(3) Ato District
○ Development of a relaxing community rich in nature, agricultural goods, the arts and culture
○ Promoting the development of a community that is enjoyable for visitors by highlighting area resources
(4) Yano District
○ Advance efforts to utilize nature’s attractiveness and strengthen bonds within the district
○ Development of a community where people may enjoy history and culture
○ Promoting exchange among district residents and building community strengths



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