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 Chapter 6 Asakita Ward

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Chapter 6 Asakita Ward

1 Catch Phrase

“A town rich in nature and history where everybody supports each other — Asakita Ward.”
The phrase represents the will of the residents to preserve local waterfront areas and greenery as well as history (culture, street scenery), and positively develop interpersonal relationships and mutual support.

2 Future vision
(1) Pleasant town where residents preserve their natural environment
(2) Culturally and historically rich atmosphere
(3) Town that becomes a major urban hub
(4) Community where the spirit of mutual support is nurtured
(5) Area of lush greenery

3 Attractiveness projects
○ Local Nature Discovery Project
○ Local History Discovery Project
○ Project for an Energetic Downtown Area
○ Community Relationship-building Project
○ Fruitful Hometown Development Project

4 District Community Development Vision Familiar to Residents:Direction of Community Development
(1) Kabe District
○ Development of a community where residents preserve and take pride in local nature, history and culture
○ Formation of urban areas that contribute to the area’s transformation into a major district hub that evokes a sense of liveliness in the people
○ Promoting the development of a community built on human interaction and mutual cooperation with energetic residents, including children as well as the elderly
(2) Shiraki District
○ Development of a community that takes pride in its resources, including the countryside, clean rivers as well as local history and culture
○ Community development that allows for relationship-building via mutual cooperation
○ Promoting community development with a focus on people, local agriculture and the overall attractiveness of the area
(3) Koyo District
○ Not only preserve local resource such as nature, history and culture but also utilize such resources as opportunities for exchange
○ Creation of urban areas that contribute to the area’s transformation into a major district hub that evokes a sense of liveliness in the people
○ Promoting interaction between area residents through local events and activities
○ Safe and sound community development that allows for mutual cooperation and support in the local area
(4) Asa District
○ Promoting exchange inside and outside of the local area through the dissemination of information regarding local resources including nature, history and culture
○ Advancing efforts to enhance experience-based tourism and recreation as well as revitalize the local area
○ Striving towards the development of a safe and secure community while increasing solidarity through resident participation in local events



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