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 Chapter 5 Asaminami Ward

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Chapter 5 Asaminami Ward

1 Catch Phrase

“A hometown filled with greenery and closely-knit residents — Asaminami Ward”
This phrase represents the area residents’ wishes to create a green and comfortable hometown and coexist with the local natural environment.

2 Future vision
(1) Harmonious balance between urban comfort and natural surroundings
(2) A relaxing town of many smiling faces that places an importance on interpersonal relationships
(3) A community that cherishes its natural environment while being in close proximity to lush greenery
(4) Existence of enjoyable learning institutions and the fostering of collaborative relationships with local universities

3 Attractiveness projects
○ Asaminami Image Development Project
○ Safe, Socially Interactive Community Development Project
○ Project for the Utilization of Local Soil and Greenery
○ Learning and Exchange-based Development Project

4 District Community Development Vision Familiar to Residents:Direction of Community Development
(1) Yasufuruichi District
○ Promoting the rediscovery of “Yasufuruichi,” utilizing natural, historical and cultural resources of the area and passing them down to the next generation
○ Development of a lively and peaceful community that utilizes its treasured waterfront areas
○ An environment of diverse interaction that enhances residents’ development in life
○ Promoting the development of a safe, sound and comfortable living environment
(2) Sato District
○ Promoting the creation of a relaxing living environment that is close to nature
○ Community development that allows people to experience and enjoy local tradition
○ Development of an energetic community of easy living provided through personal relationships and mutual support
(3) Gion District
○ Promoting the development of a relaxing, convenient community featuring urban comforts
○ Development of a community where people and nature coexist harmoniously
○ Community where residents, students and workers develop mutual ties while exhibiting their individual strengths
(4) Numata District
○ Development of a comfortable community through the actions of environmentally-conscious residents and the creation of beautiful cityscape
○ Promoting the development of a secure and enjoyable living environment that values mutual support and opportunities to meet and greet others
○ Development of communities through the use of the rural environment in which people are familiar with the land and farming
○ Promoting the revitalization of the Toyama area and the interaction between urban areas and farming villages through the utilization of farmland, the countryside and forests
○ Development of a cultured atmosphere through the deepening of relationships between local universities and the community



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