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 Chapter 4 Nishi Ward

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Chapter 4 Nishi Ward

1 Catch phrase

“River breeze, sea breeze and green field wind.Connecting local strengths with the future — Nishi Ward.”
Representing the rich and dynamic nature of Nishi Ward seen in the harmony that exists between local people and natural features such as rivers, sea, and mountains, this phrase captures the future image of the Ward through three kinds of “wind” unique to the area.

2 Future vision
(1) Pleasant town in which people may enjoy history and culture and easily access a rich natural environment including the sea, mountains and rivers
(2) A bustling town where many people gather to network and have fun
(3) Peaceful, comfortable, and safe living environment that values interpersonal relationships
(4) An energetic area that allows for the free flow of people, goods and information while using its status as an industry and transportation hub
(5) A beautiful town where each person contributes to maintaining a clean environment for future generations

3 Attractiveness projects
○ Outdoor Activities Promotion Project
○ Cultural and Historical Education Promotion Project
○ Promotion Project for the Creation of Lively Meeting Places
○ Project for Good Resident Relations
○ Local Business Cooperation Project
○ Environmental Conservation Leader Development Project

4 District Community Development Vision Familiar to Residents:Direction of Community Development
(1) Kan-on District
○ Promoting the usage of attractive riverside and riverfront areas
○ Development of a bustling community that features facilities that attract many people
○ Creating a lively atmosphere through the effective utilization of Peace Boulevard and similar areas
○ Development of a safe, sound, and energetic living environment
(2) Yokogawa/Nakahiro District
○ Promoting community development that highlights Mitaki-ji Temple and its surrounding areas as well as various beautiful riverfront areas
○ Creation of attractive urban areas in the vicinity of JR Yokogawa Station
○ Development of bustling meeting areas through the utilization of shopping arcades
○ Promoting the creation of healthy environment where children can grow up safely
(3) Koi/Koi-ue District
○ Promoting events that allow people to become familiar with attractive waterfront areas through the utilization of the Ota-gawa River Flood Control Channel
○ Development of a community that fully uses its historical and cultural resources
○ Community development that focuses on the use of local resources
○ Development of a pleasant living environment for the elderly, disabled persons and all other residents
(4) Furuta/Kogo/Inokuchi/Inokuchidai District
○ Utilization and preservation of the nearby mountains and hills that are abundant in greenery
○ Promoting the preservation, utilization and passing on of historical and cultural resources of the old Saigoku-kaido
○ Community revitalization that allows residents to live safely and comfortably
○ Development aimed at promoting the community as bustling and unique regional distribution hub



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