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 Chapter 2 Higashi Ward

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Chapter 2 Higashi Ward

1 Catch phrase

“Town of greenery, history and hospitality — Higashi Ward”
As the area surrounding the Shinkansen Entrance for Hiroshima Station is amidst large-scale redevelopment, “hospitality” symbolizes the welcoming spirit of Higashi Ward residents who wish to build rapport with visitors to Hiroshima. In addition, “greenery” and “history” represent the special resources of Higashi Ward.

2 Future vision
(1) A hospitable town that is a great place for networking
(2) Tightly-knit community characterized by togetherness, safety and comfortable living
(3) Peaceful living environment where nature and human beings coexist
(4) Daily living in which history and culture plays an active role

3 Attractiveness projects
○ Hospitality-based Community Development Project
○Mutually-supportive Area Development Project
○ Support Project for Future Adults
○ Water and Greenery Community Development Project
○ Eco-life Environmental Development Project
○ History and Culture-focused Community Development Project

4 District Community Development Vision Familiar to Residents:Direction of Community Development
(1) Futaba District
○ Promoting interaction between the youth and the elderly as well as the development of a compassionate community
○ Working hard to discover and convey the beauty of the district to residents by providing learning opportunities
○ Increasing visitors and usage of the Futaba-nosato historical trail
(2) Fukugi/Nukushina District
○ Development of an energetic and comfortable community where people have open opportunities to meet and greet
○ Improvement of river environments such as Fuchu Okawa (Nukushina-gawa River, etc.) and their use as beautiful waterfront areas
○ Utilization of endowed historical places, the countryside and other area resources in community development
○ Heightened awareness for the agricultural industry and promoting interaction throughout the area via agriculture
(3) Hesaka District
○ Using the Ota-gawa River, a notable symbol of Hesaka, to contribute to the revitalization of waterfront areas in the district
○ Promoting community development through the discovery of historical and cultural resources in the area
(4) Ushita/Waseda District
○ Developing living environments that monitor children so they may live in safety
○ Community development that highlights the district’s attractive natural environment, including the countryside and the area near the Ota-gawa River
○ Promoting the development of a lively and compassionate community with increased collaboration between residents and educational institutions, welfare facilities, etc.



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