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 Chapter 1 Naka Ward

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Chapter 1 Naka Ward

1 Catch Phrase

“Iki Iki Naka Ward”
In Japanese, “iki iki” describes Naka Ward’s energetic downtown environment, its status as a living community as well as the sophisticated and lively image that is associated with its culture, history and residents.

2 Future vision
(1) Gathering of diverse people, goods and information
(2) A lively town with immediate access to nature as well as an attractive history and culture
(3) Healthy and comfortable living
(4) A town that nurtures its community
(5) A sense of safety and security for all

3 Attractiveness projects
○ Exciting Events and Locations Promotion Project
○ Promotion Project for Downtown Environmental Improvement
○ Enjoyable Walking Area Development Project
○ Healthy Living Environment Development Project
○ Community Leaders Development Project
○ Promotion Project for Disaster Prevention-related Community Development
○ Local Crime Prevention Improvement Project

4 District Community Development Vision Familiar to Residents:Direction of Community Development
(1) Aioi-dori Ave. South/Kokutaiji District
○ Creation of many attractive downtown walking areas
○ Promotion for a bustling, fun nightlife that may be enjoyed in safety
○ Creation of a unique cultural atmosphere in the streets while highlighting historical and cultural resources
○ Development of a lively community through collaboration between residents and businesses
(2) Aioi-dori Ave. North/Nobori-cho District
○ Creation of attractive downtown areas that highlight the city’s water and greenery
○ Community development that highlights traditional castle town culture
○ Promoting the development of safe living communities
(3) Peace Memorial Park South/Yoshijima District
○ Promoting hospitality for people visiting the Peace Memorial Park and other public facilities in the area
○ Community development that emphasizes the role of waterfront areas (rivers, riverbanks, tidal wetlands) in daily life
○ Community development that places a high priority on environmental consciousness
○ Creation of living environments in which people of all ages may live together in comfort
(4) Peace Boulevard South/Eba District
○ Vigorous community development that takes advantage of streetcar access
○ Community development that highlights local resources such as traditional festivals and industrial heritage
○ Development of a secure child rearing environment in which children may play freely
○ Promoting the creation of a safe, comfortable living environment driven by revitalization in the community



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