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Part 3 Ward Plans

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Part 3 Ward Plans

1 Purpose
○ It is essential to promote the development of attractive communities with great individuality through the voluntary efforts of our residents and their will to collaborate with local governments.
○ Such collaboration with residents has occurred in the past. However, because of growing concerns related declining birthrates, aging population and the loss of community consciousness, it is now especially important to work hard towards solving regional problems and further enhancing living environments while utilizing the energy of the residents in each area.
○ In order to materialize plans for development, several actions have been taken to gain the participation of ward residents including the establishment of roundtable conferences in each ward as well as the hosting of district community development workshops at 32 locations within the City.
○ Ward plans were established in consideration of the results of the activities stated above.

2 Main Features
(1) Catch Phrase
The image and direction of community development are expressed in plain words that will allow residents to clearly understand the future vision of their ward as well as develop affection for their home region.
(2) Future Vision
The future direction of community development for each ward based on joint efforts of the local government and ward residents has been laid out in the form of individual vision statements.
(3) Attractiveness Projects
Lists of specific community development projects built on the collaborative efforts of local residents and governments have been prepared for each ward. These projects are designed to boost the attractiveness of each ward by utilizing unique local characteristics and resources (natural environment, history, street scene, facilities, events, etc.).
(4) District Community Development Vision Familiar to Residents: Direction of Community Development
“Direction of Community Development” was defined based on the results of district community development workshops that were held in 32 locations in Hiroshima City. These objectives were designed so that residents could play a central role in efforts to resolve regional problems and enhance living environments.Referenced districts were organized according to junior high school districts and pre-merger town areas.

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