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 Chapter 9 Becoming a City that Constantly Attracts Visitors

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Chapter 9 Becoming a City that Constantly Attracts Visitors

Section 1
Developing a Dynamic and Lively City

1 Creating attractive urban spaces
We will work to accumulate diverse urban features and create new urban spaces by promoting redevelopment in the area surrounding Hiroshima Station (new center of urban development) and the Kamiya-cho/Hatchobori area (expanded urban core and surrounding districts). In addition, we will promote efforts to create secure and safe walking spaces and lively atmospheres throughout Kyobashi-cho/Nobori-cho as well as Nagarekawa/Yagenbori areas.

2 Promoting the development of “Aquapolis Hiroshima”
We will promote the development of “Aquapolis Hiroshima” through the creation of lively yet comfortable urban spaces that highlight our local waterfront areas.

3 Promoting urban development through the use of our diverse local resources
We will promote urban development, making full use of a variety of resources including academics, culture and sports.

Section 2
Promoting Tourism

1 Promoting strategy for our visitor industries
We will work to aggressively promote strategy for local visitor industries by encouraging lively urban development including events and enhanced urban features, boosting development of tourist programs, and creating an environment geared to facilitate many visitors as well as the dissemination of diversified information related to Hiroshima.
Hiroshima Flower Festival 

Section 3
Promoting International Exchange and Cooperation as well as Community Development with a Focus on Multiculturalism

1 Promoting international exchange and cooperation
In addition to providing support for exchange students in Hiroshima, we will encourage international exchange and cooperation in a wide variety of fields, including promotion for exchange with sister and friendship cities and other overseas cities as well as exchange activities at the citizen level. Furthermore, we will strive to attract international organizations and institutions through cooperation with related organizations.
Event held during the Day of International Exchange and Cooperation 
2 Promoting community development with a focus on multiculturalism
We will promote community development aimed providing comfortable living conditions for foreign residents by spreading information regarding daily life in several languages and improving consultation programs while raising citizens’ awareness for multiculturalism.

Section 4
Functional Enhancement of Regional Transportation

1 Promoting the utilization and enhancement of our regional transportation network
We will strive to promote the utilization and enhancement of Hiroshima Airport, Hiroshima-Nishi Airport and Hiroshima Port. In addition, efforts will be put towards promoting the maintenance and enhancement of on-land public transportation, including a more convenient Miyajima Streetcar Line and JR Lines as well as improved inter-city and intra-city buses.

2 Systematic development of regional trunk roads
We will promote improvements for our high-standard expressway network, connecting regional trunk road network as well as the Hiroshima Expressway.



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