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 Chapter 8 Creating a Sustainable Market Economy

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Chapter 8 Creating a Sustainable Market Economy

Section 1
Creation and Promotion of Industries that Support Urban Development

1 Promoting industry through the use of Hiroshima’s accumulated economic power
In addition to the expansion of sales channels both in Japan and abroad for automotive parts-related manufacturing firms and other businesses in the City, we will work towards enhancing support for advanced technological development as well as improved research and development capabilities.
Automobile parts business expo
2 Promoting ICT business
Along with the development of new businesses and startups through the active utilization of ICT, we will promote an improved and stabilized management base for small and medium-sized businesses. We will also foster and promote ICT business.

3 Promoting guided business placement
We will attract businesses to the local area by holding seminars, delivering information and enhancing the business placement promotional subsidy program.

4 Developing new industries and creating new businesses
We will focus on the development of new industries, including those related to the environment, medical care and welfare. In addition, we will work to create an environment that encourages the development of new industries and projects through increased support for research through industry-academia-government collaboration, and the development of new products and new technology.

5 Promoting visitor industries
While aggressively promoting strategy for visitor industries, we will enhance various other industries that are related to visitors of Hiroshima.

6 Promoting a service industry that meets a wide range of needs
We will promote a service industry that meets a wide range of needs by enhancing the small and medium-sized businesses financing program, providing consultation services, dispatching advisors, and effectively utilizing Business Base Hiroshima.

7 Revitalization of the distribution industry and the functional enhancement of regional distribution hubs
In addition to working towards the development of more sophisticated and efficient wholesale industry projects, we will improve regional distribution hub functions by attracting various distribution-related businesses.

Section 2
Revitalizing Small and Medium-sized Businesses and Promoting Shopping Arcades

1 Enhanced support for small and medium-sized businesses
In addition to supporting the development of human resources and increased technological capabilities, we will enhance the small and medium-sized business financing program, promote the increased use of ICT by small and medium-sized businesses, and take comprehensive support measures through the functional enhancement of the Hiroshima City Small and Medium Enterprise Assistance Center as well as the Industrial Technology Center.
Experimental testing at the Industrial Technology Center 
2 Promoting unique and attractive shopping arcades
We will promote the development of shopping arcades, with a focus on revitalizing the local community, by improving accessibility between shopping arcades and creating lively atmospheres while also focusing on boosting the appeal of individual stores.

Section 3
Promoting Our Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery Industries

1 Promoting the agriculture industry
We will work to cultivate diverse agricultural providers through the development of young farmers and efficient use of the certified farmer program. We also will push to improve the agricultural production base while promoting farmland utilization through the expansion of allotment gardens. In addition, we will stimulate a boost in consumption for local agricultural products, including efforts to increase sales and create brands for Hiroshimagrown products. Furthermore, we will work towards revitalizing farming communities by promoting exchange between urban and rural residents.

2 Promoting the forestry industry
We will strive towards the cultivation and preservation of healthy forests, including the development of artificial forests and the maintenance of countryside forests. In addition, we will work to develop human resources that will support forest development such as fostering forest volunteers. Furthermore, in conjunction with efforts to boost the consumption and use of locally produced lumber products, we will promote understanding for the public benefits provided by our forests.

3 Promoting the fishery industry
We will promote development of our fish farming industry through the release of eggs for a wide variety of seafood as well as through the improvement of sediment environments. In addition, we will work to boost consumption of local seafood products by increasing the quality of Hiroshima oysters, strengthening its brands and promoting PR activities. Furthermore, we will promote understanding for the fishery industry through various excursion exchange programs.



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