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 Chapter 7 Becoming a Leading City for ICT

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Chapter 7 Becoming a Leading City for ICT

1 Promoting the development of easily accessible information and communication infrastructure
In addition to efforts aimed at eliminating the information disparity between our local areas, we will promote the provision of new ICT services and improved networks through the integration of communications and broadcasting. We will also promote the development of next-generation mobile communications systems.

2 Sophistication of information systems that meet modern needs
In addition to promoting the sophistication of Hiroshima City’s various information systems, we will introduce ICT services that will allow citizens to enjoy the benefits of a ubiquitous network society.

3 Accumulation, receipt and delivery of quality information and promotion of ICT utilization
Along with enhancing the receipt and delivery of governmental information and promoting the creation and transmission of Hiroshima-originated content in a wide range of fields, we will pursue the construction of a new ICT utilization model that will allow many citizens to offer valuable services to society in a variety of fields. Furthermore, we will introduce telework as part of our efforts to promote the utilization of ICT while also focusing efforts on the introduction of universal design.

4 Utilizing ICT for the revitalization of local communities and developing an environment that allows the safe and secure use of ICT
In addition to promoting the use of ICT for the revitalization of local communities and the solving of community problems, we will take proper information security measures as part of the effort to develop environment for the safe and secure use of ICT.
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