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The Hiroshima Brand

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  The Hiroshima Brand

The Hiroshima Brand 

Only products that exhibit Hiroshima's charm are certified as The Hiroshima Brand products, which we then promote throughout Japan. We wish to promote The Hiroshima Brand certified products far and wide, thus boosting sales. Additionally, we expect this will improve Hiroshima's image.

Our brand name is The Hiroshima Brand. We solicit for both foodstuffs and craftwork, which we then certify as Delicious Dishes or Signature Craftwork respectively. We conducted our first solicitation for products in 2007, and as of January 2013 we have selected 62 to be certified as products of The Hiroshima Brand.


Delicious Dishes
A vigorous town with diverse urban functions, Hiroshima City is located in a region blessed with a rich bounty throughout the four seasons. These gifts from nature are a familiar part of Hiroshima City and are used to create the Delicious Dishes of The Hiroshima Brand.


Ota-gawa Shijimi River Clams

Horiguchi Oysters

Kusatsu Oysters

Ota-gawa Shijimi  River Clams

These clams are raised in the Ota-gawa River basin, where the nourishing fresh waters that flow from the Chugoku Mountain ranges intermingles with the plankton-rich waters of the Seto Inland Sea. The golden color of their shells attests to the freshness of this riverbed.

Hiroshima City Inland Water Fisheries Cooperative


Horiguchi Oysters

Horiguchi Oysters are raised under prime conditions at our farms in Hiroshima Bay. We use only our finest oysters, ensuring the best in taste, freshness, and safety through our micro-bubble ultraviolet sterilization installations. We hope that you will give these authentic Hiroshima oysters a try.

Horiguchi-Kaisan Co., Ltd.

Kusatsu Oysters

These oysters are raised in the waters surrounding Tsukune-jima Island, known as one of the best fishing areas in all of Hiroshima Prefecture. Each oyster is carefully selected before being packaged and sent out to customers.

Kusatsu Oyster Cooperative   (Masaru Amioka, Tsugumichi Amisaki,  Kazuto Amimoto, Teruhiko Otani, Isamu Oka, Hisayuki Ohatake)


Yoneda Kaisan Hiroshima Oysters

Akashu Grade Hiroshima Lemons


Yoneda Kaisan Hiroshima Oysters

Due to the company’s own special oyster cultivation practices in Hiroshima Bay, the meat of these oysters features a clearly defined color as well as a particularly rich flavor. Yoneda Kaisan has an over 100 year-old history of producing safe and delicious oysters.

Yoneda Kaisan Co., Ltd.

Akashu Grade Hiroshima Lemons

Hiroshima Prefecture currently produces more lemons than any other prefecture in Japan. The best portion of these lemons are designated asAkashugrade, indicated by the display of the Chinese character for “outstanding” on the packaging in red. Particularly noted for their excellent color and shape, Akashu Grade Hiroshima Lemons are cultivated using the least amount of pesticides as possible. Furthermore, the use of preservatives are not used at all, allowing for the lemon peel to be used as-is.

JA Hiroshima Fruits Agricultural Cooperative Association Union




Sakura Saku Hana Sausage

Akimurasaki Japanese Pickled VegetablesAkimurasaki Japanese Pickled Vegetables

Nekoshima Lightly-pickled Hiroshima Mustard GreensNekoshima Lightly-pickled Hiroshima Mustard Greens

Sakura Saku Hana Sausage

Made into the shape of a flower, this original sausage product has been a best-seller for more than half a century. It has won the hearts of many as a common side dish in bento box lunches for hanami picnics, sports festivals and other events.

Fukutome Meat Packers, Ltd.

Akimurasaki  Japanese   Pickled Vegetables

These high quality Japanese pickled vegetables are a delicious blend of fully ripened Hiroshima Mustard Greens, shredded shiso, and locally produced soy sauce. We use natural groundwater and the perfect balance of assorted fresh seasonings to craft a rich flavor.

Yamatoyo Co., Ltd.

Nekoshima Lightly-pickled Hiroshima Mustard Greens

These mustard greens are grown and pickled in Hiroshima. Available throughout the four seasons, they are always abundant and fresh, which allows us to create pickled greens that have a magnificent aroma and texture.

Nekoshima Shoten Co., Ltd.



Pickled Hiroshima Mustard Greens


Black Sea Bream Miso

Pickled Hiroshima Mustard Greens

The unique taste and texture of these mustard greens has been a Hiroshima tradition for years. Pickled with salt containing natural minerals, our special kelp dashi draws out the flavor in this unique dish.

JA Hiroshima

Aki-na Pickled Hiroshima Mustard Greens

Using as its main ingredient Hiroshima mustard greens, one of Japan’s main three vegetables used in pickled vegetables, Aki-na achieves a spicy aromatic flavor and a “just-right” crispiness particular to Hiroshima mustard greens through an extensive process of repeated rinsing and pickling.

Yamatoyo Co., Ltd.


Black Sea Bream Miso

Hiroshima Prefecture boasts the largest haul of black sea bream in all of Japan. This side-dish miso, soybean paste, is made using abundant amounts of black sea bream harvested in peak season. This versatile condiment can be eaten straight, used as a vegetable dip or a topping for freshly cooked rice.                                  

Setouchi Miso Takamori-honten


 Hiroshima Oyster-flavored Seaweed

Ryoko no tomo furikakeRyoko no tomo furikake

 Conger chikuwa

Hiroshima Oyster-flavored Seaweed

Flavored with broth made from oysters procured from the Hiroshima Fishery Cooperative, every aspect of this seaweed-down to its unique seasoning-is a product of Japan. And because we use no artificial seasoning, you can relax and enjoy the taste.

Marutokunori Co., Ltd.

Ryoko no tomo Furikake

This classic is full of flavor and rich in calcium. Since we started making this furikake in the early Taisho Period(1912-26), we have been gathering the main ingredients from the Seto Inland Sea. You can savor the natural flavor of the small fish, sesame, dried seaweed, and egg in this delicious mixture.

Tanaka Foods Co., Ltd.


Conger Eel chikuwa

Conger Eel specially selected from the Seto Inland Sea and other waters are broiled in our special homemade sauce, minced and mixed with fresh cod paste, and are delicately grilled to create a one-of-a-kind chikuwa (fish sausage).

Izuno Suisan K.K.




 Shamoji Steamed Rice with Oysters

Shamoji Kamaboko

Shamoji Kamaboko is fish sausage (Kamaboko) that are in shapes of Shamjoi (rice spatuals - specialty product of Miyajima). Inheriting the long-prospering tradition of the Hiroshima Kusatsu kamaboko, it achieves a crisp texture through an original technique. Each Shumoji Kamaboko is individually vacuum-packed, boasting a month’s shelf life that makes this product great as a souvenir or present.

Hori Suisan


Komochi Kombu

Using high-quality kombu kelp carefully simmered according to an original recipe, this komochi kombu (kelp strips with cod roe) brings out both the rich flavor of tsukudani (savory soy-and-sugar-boiled kombu) and the bubbly texture of cod roe.

Even now, the phrase “Hirotuku no Komochi Kombu” is associated with the familiar commercial tune from the 70’s, a source of nostalgia to Hiroshima’s citizens.

Hirotuku Co., Ltd.


Shamoji Steamed Rice with Oysters

This bento box lunch is made using specially selected ingredients, including local oysters and rice. The box takes the form of a Miyajima shamoji rice spatula to display Hiroshima’s unique culture.

Hiroshima Ekibento Co., Ltd.




Oyster Hot Pot Soup BaseOyster Hot Pot Soup Base

Hiroshima Oyster Rice Mix

Ever since beginning production in 1974 in response to the request to be able to enjoy Hiroshima’s famous oysters all year round, this oyster rice mix has since preserved the fine flavor of specially selected oysters from Hiroshima’s northern bay areas. Just mix in with rice before cooking to readily enjoy delicious oyster rice at home.

Tinmidokoro Nakamura  Ltd.


Oyster Rice Mix

To achieve the light, complex flavor that fully brings out the taste of the oysters, Hiroshima oysters are grilled with far-infrared technology to increase flavor, then simply seasoned with ginger and kombu from Hokkaido. Just mix in with rice before cooking to readily enjoy delicious oyster rice at home.

Mishima Foods Co., Ltd.

Oyster Hot Pot Base

The oyster hot pot is a popular Hiroshima delicacy made with locally raised oysters. Our hot pot base brings out their flavor, and now anyone can easily make a delicious oyster hot pot right in their own home.

Masuya Miso Co., Ltd.

Hiroshima Oyster Hot Pot Soup BaseHiroshima Oyster Hot Pot Soup Base

Concentrated Oyster Sauce

 Citrus & Soy Sauce Blend

Hiroshima Oyster Hot Pot Base

Made from a blend of three different kinds of miso, this rich hot pot base is accentuated by Hiroshima oyster extract. Perfect for enjoying a delicious hot pot.

Shinjo Miso Co., Ltd.

Concentrated Oyster Sauce

The makers of this sauce work especially hard to present the true flavor of oysters, using the extract of oysters raised in Hiroshima Prefecture and using no additives other than salt. Just a small amount adds a nice, deep flavor to a variety of dishes.

Hiroshima Fishery Cooperative

A Seasonal Specialty with Kawane Japanese Citron
Citrus & Soy Sauce Blend

We use authentically brewed soy sauce infused with bonito flakes and kelp extract that is then blended with a generous amount of fresh Kawane Citron juice, which is grown in Hiroshima Prefecture. This citrus and soy sauce blend is a seasonal specialty only available from November to February.

Kawanaka Shouyu Co., Ltd.



soy sauce


 Hiroshima-style Sweet Rice FlourSweet Rice Flour

Hojun Naturally-Brewed Topping Soy Sauce

Utilizing brewing methods passed down for over a 100 years, this flavorful seasoned soy sauce blends traditional taste with creativity. This authentic soy sauce, birthed by Hiroshima Prefecture’s rich nature, is seasoned with dried bonito flakes and kombu for a mild finish. Meeting the three characteristics of being good as a topping, as a soup base, and when watered down, its versatile appeal lends it much enthusiastic support.

Kawanaka-Shouyu Co., Ltd.


Lemosco is a unique and charming spice made from whole-squeezed Hiroshima lemons grown in the Seto Inland Sea area. The invigorating tartness of lemon meets spicy seasonings, lending any dish a refreshing and appetizing flavor. Incorporating carefully selected ingredients all produced in Japan, such as “the fisherman’s salt (a delicacy made from burning seaweed),” Lemosco is all natural and free from preservatives, colorings, or artificial flavorings.

Yamato Foods Co., Ltd.

Sweet Rice Flour

We use several types of rice grown in Hiroshima Prefecture and traditional milling techniques to create our uniquely blended sweet rice flour. This flour contains the true essence of rice and creates wonderfully delicious dumplings with a sticky sweet texture.

Ueman Ryoshoku Seifunsho Co., Ltd.

Hiroshima-style Soy Flour Soy Flour

 Roasted Premium Soy FlourRoasted Premium Soy Flour

 Chilled Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki

Soy Flour

The Akishirome soy beans, grown in Hiroshima Prefecture, have an especially strong, sweet flavor. Through our original double roasting technique we produce a deep roasted, aromatic bean that we use to make our distinctive soy flour.

Ueman Ryoshoku Seifunsho Co., Ltd.

Roasted Premium     Soy Flour

We begin with quality soy beans harvested in the Sera region of Hiroshima Prefecture. The beans are then deep roasted over time, polished, and milled for taste that is both deep and mellow.

Masuda Flour Milling Co., Ltd.

Mikan Kobo - Frozen Okonomiyaki Hirohsima-style Oknomiyaki

We fill our okonomiyaki full of cabbage from contract growers in Hiroshima City and nearby areas, who limit their use of agrochemicals. We have tried many different combinations of recipes and ingredients to come up with a delicious okonomiyaki that tastes just like homemade.

Satoyoshi Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Food Department Mikan Kobo




 Otafuku Okonomi Sauce

Frozen Okonomiyaki

Our okonomiyaki are handmade one-by-one so they taste just like the real thing. The okonomiyaki sauce we use is that same one you will find in Hiroshima's famous food theme park, Okonomi-mura.

Sunfoods Inc.


Okonomi Sauce

We are proud to say that our okonomi sauce has a large market share not only in Hiroshima, but all of Japan. It is chock-full of vegetables and fruits, most notably nutritious dates, which are known for their high fiber and mineral content.

Otafuku Sauce Co., Ltd.


Mitsuwa Okonomi Sauce

 Hiroshima Ja-ken

 Otafuku Hiroshima Limited Edition Okonomi Sauce

Okonomi Sauce

This is the okonomi sauce preferred by all the professionals who work at the okonomiyaki shops in Hiroshima's famous food theme park, Okonomi-mura. In addition to its low sodium and acid content, it also contains no preservatives.

Sunfoods Inc.

Okonomi Sauce
Hiroshima Ja-ken

Our okonomi sauce is additive-free, only using onions, tomatoes, apples and other fresh ingredients from contract growers in Hiroshima Prefecture. In addition we only use natural groundwater from northern Hiroshima Prefecture and organic rice vinegar.

Sennari Co., Ltd.

Otafuku Hiroshima Limited Edition Okonomi Sauce

The sauce is made using a blend of special ingredients, including local Hiroshima oyster extract and seaweed salt from the Seto Inland Sea. The result is a flavor that is well matched with the noodles and vegetables in Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki. It is limited to sale in the Hiroshima area only and features a package design that displays various cultural symbols of Hiroshima.

Otafuku Sauce Co., Ltd.



 Honsyuichi Unfiltered Sake

 Yahatagawa Kassei Nigori Sake

Hiroshima Lemon Soda

This lemon soda is the embodiment of the sentiment that each one of Hiroshima’s lemons is Hiroshima’s treasure. With each 250-ml bottle using the juice pressed from one whole preservative-free Hiroshima lemon, this zero-calorie, no-sugar-added soda allows one to fully enjoy the mild tartness and fresh aroma characteristic of Hiroshima lemons.

Hiroshima Fruits Agricultural Cooperative Association Union


Honshuichi Unfiltered Sake

This sake is produced at a brewery in Hiroshima City using Hiroshima Prefecture rice that is optimum for sake brewing, locally-produced ginjo yeast, and natural water from Mt. Iwataki. Brewery workers collect and bottle the clear sake that rises to the top, instead of using filtration methods, in order to preserve its full taste. It is recognized worldwide as having a very gentle aroma as well as a taste with both distinctive and mildly sweet characteristics. It was chosen as the Champion within the Japanese sake category of the 2010 International Wine Challenge.

Umeda Sake Brewery

Yahatagawa Kassei Nigori Sake

This sake is made at a brewery in Hiroshima City that prides itself with a history spanning about 200 years. Its ingredients include rice from Hiroshima Prefecture (Chusei Shinsenbon) and natural water from Mt. Gokurakuji. Special attention is placed on maintaining the unique taste and delicate flavor of kizake, pure rice wine. Once the main mash matures, the sake is only subject to coarse filtration. Neither water nor heat is added to the final product, making it a true kassei sake in which the yeast is still alive. Sale of this beverage is limited to a 4-month period lasting from November to March.

Yahatagawa Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.



Nishikido Momiji Manju

 Fujiiya Momiji Manju

Daruma Beni Azuma Authentic Red Sweet Potato Shochu, 25 proof

Incorporating the Darumashochu (distilled spirit) brewing technique dating back to 1918, this authentic shochu is born from a union of Hiroshima Prefecture’s beni azuma (red sweet potatoes) with Hiroshima Sandankyo Gorge’s high-quality water. Daruma Beni Azuma is a special Japanese distilled spirit made from red sweet potatoes, know for its distictive full-bodied sweet flavor.

Chugoku Jozo Co., Ltd


Momiji Manju

Momiji Manju are Japanese maple leaf-shaped cakes filled with mashed sweet bean paste.  Momiji, Japanese maple trees, are the Prefectural flower and tree of Hiroshima, making this a signature Hiroshima snack.  Momiji Manju have a sweet yet light taste, making them a popular treat amongst men and women of all ages.  Nishikido Momiji Manju were awarded Hiroshima Brand Product Certification in 2008.

Nishikido Co., Ltd.

Momiji Manju

These are the Hiroshima institution: momiji manju are made from polished soy beans that are boiled, rinsed, and made into bean paste, which is paired with egg-based sponge cakes for a melt-in-your-mouth experience.

Fujiiya Co., Ltd.


Yamadaya Momiji Manju

Gosaku Manju

 Tsurukame Monaka

Momiji Manju

To make the red bean paste filling for these cakes, we boil polished azuki beans and knead them with sugar. We wrap the paste in egg-filled, sponge cake batter and bake it to airy perfection. Its light, refined flavor has not changed since traditional times.

YamadayaCo., Ltd.

Gosaku Manju

It has been almost fifty years since we began selling our simple, non-decorative shaped cakes, and they have become a well-known snack. Gosaku Manju are a thin layer of cake, wrapped around an ample serving of sweet bean paste, topped off with savory walnuts.

Heiando Umetsubo Co., Ltd.

Tsurukame Monaka

This traditional sweet was first created to lift the spirits of Hiroshima citizens as the city was still recovering from the atomic bombing. For nearly 60 years, it has been a product often bought by natives of Hiroshima that allows them to reflect on memories of their hometown.

Takaki Co., Ltd.


 Shin-heike Monogatari

 Hiroshima Kaki Yokan GionboHiroshima Kaki Yokan Gionbo


Shin-heike Monogatari

This original Japanese sweet, made by filling baumkuchen with sweet bean paste, has been a famous long-seller across all of Japan since 1971.

Nishikido Co., Ltd.

Hiroshima Kaki Yokan   Gionbo

Kaki yokan has been known all over Japan as a famous local product of Hiroshima since the Meiji Period. This variety is of the highest quality, consisting of a well-refined jelly made of sweet white beans with cut pieces of syrup-covered Gionbo dried persimmons mixed in.

Heiando Umetsubo Co., Ltd.



 Sake no iroiro monogatari

 Baked Mont Blanc


Starting with a unique red bean paste that carefully combines both strained and mashed red beans, wrapped in glutinous rice dough, and baked to a light taste and soft finish, this famous local cake is highly prized for its mild flavor and sticky sweet texture, winning an Honorary President Award at the 24th National Confectionery Exposition.

Yamadaya Co., Ltd.

Sake no iroiro monogatari
(Tales of Sake)

Savor this sake jelly that has been made with high grade sterilization techniques and yet still has a homemade taste and texture. Made using various local sakes brewed in Hiroshima, the jelly features images of the actual sake labels on the wrappers.

Backen Mozart Corporation

Baked Mont Blanc

This up-and-coming western-style sweet consists of a cake baked with a large chestnut still wrapped in its inner peel on the inside, topped with butter-flavored almond cream, and finally wrapped in a distinctively crispy pastry sheet.

Patisserie Alpha



Seto Fumi Furikake

Seasoned Dried Bonito and Sesame Mix. Used to top or garnish cooked rice, pasta, salads, vegetables and soups. Can also be used as coating for fish, meats and poultry before or after cooking. Great for toppings on sushi rolls.

Quality ingredients are used from the best producing areas, both domestic and overseas.  Careful attention is also taken during the drying process to preserve the flavors of the ingredients.  

Seto Fumi Furikake is a long time Mishima Foods best seller, the result of many years of Furikake processing research and know-how.

Mishima Foods Co., Ltd.


Sazareishi is a Kamaboko (fish sausage) that contains savory welsh onions and delicious cheese.  They have been a top selling delicacy food product at Hiroshima JR Station and Hiroshima Airport for the past 50 years, and are very popular amongst connoisseurs of Hiroshima specialty products.

Sazareishi are also sold in Hiroshima super markets where they are purchased not only as a tasteful souvenir gift, but also as a delicious side-dish to take home and enjoyed with one’s own family.

Osaki Suisan Co., Ltd.

Hama no Matsutake

These are tiny matsutake mushroom flavored Kamaboko (fish sausages) which are used in soups and Chawanmushi (egg custard dishes).  They are said to be the world’s first ever flavored Kamaboko.  Hama no Matsutake have been a top selling delicacy food product for the past 60 years.  They continue to receive high marks of customer satisfaction from both food retailers and restaurants in Japan and all over the world.

Osaki Suisan Co., Ltd.



Kamotsuru Sake Cake

Kamotsuru Sake Cake is sponge cake made from eggs and butter that is delicately saturated with pure Japanese sake syrup from Kamotsuru Sake Brewing Company in Saiji Hiroshima.  Having a full-bodied yet subtle pure sake fragrance, this cake is a real treat for lovers of Japanese sake.  With its moist and soft texture, Komoatsuru Sake Cake is best enjoyed after being chilled in the refrigerator.  The exquisite packaging make it a perfect souvenir gift.  A unique and special Hiroshima sweet.  

**contains about 3 % alcohol**


Baby Sardine Senbei

Baby Sadrine Senbei is a rice cracker product made from dried baby sardines that are lightly flavored with sesame seeds.  No fillers of any kind are used in this cracker.  It is entirely made from dried baby sardines.  The crackers are very crisp and easy to eat.  Even children with sensitive teeth can enjoy eating them without worry.  Compared to the dried baby sardines that are commonly used as a food condiment in Japanese cuisine, Baby Sardine Senbei have a much longer shelf-life.


Roasted Oyster Eba Senbei

These Senbei rice crackers are made entirely (100%) from roasted oysters.  Regardless of the season, with Roasted Oyster Eba Senbei one can enjoy nutritious oysters any time of the year.  Roasted Oyster Eba Senbei rice crackers are made from Hiroshima Eba oysters.  Each cracker is carefully compressed and roasted to lock in the rich delicious oyster flavor.

Tomoeya Kiyonobu Ltd.


 Soraguchi Mama!s Salty Milk Jam

 Baked Oatmeal Cookies-Almond


Soraguchi Mama's Salty Milk Jam

Both rich in flavor and high in nutritional value, this creamy jam is made with milk produced in Yuki-cho and seaweed salt from the Kamagari area.

Soraguchi Mama-no Milk Koubou

Baked Oatmeal Almond Cookies

These flavorful cookies are made with freshly ground almonds, which give off a very appetizing aroma. In addition to being popular across all of Japan, they have been highly recognized overseas as well (Monde Selection Silver Award, 2009 & 2010).

Backen Mozart Corporation

Whole-oyster Senbei

These luxurious oyster senbei rice crackers are produced by oyster farmers, baking in an entire oyster per cracker. With a dough made from Akitsu-cho’s maruaka potatoes, each cracker is a flavorful gem with a rich oyster taste.

Maruichi Shoten Ltd.

   Signature Craftwork


Hiroshima transcended the atomic bombing and our traditions have been inherited from the past, allowing us to build up a reputation throughout Japan for our craftwork. Our excellent handicrafts, born from our history, are the Signature Craftwork of The Hiroshima Brand.


Cosmetic Brushes, Jewelry and Lacquered Cosmetic Brushes

Kumano Calligraphy Brushes


The "Takamorie" style is exceedingly rare among all the Japanese lacquering techniques. It utilizes colored lacquers to create vibrant raised layers. A special feature of "Takamorie" is used to create an expression of picturesque softness and sculpted layers within the same work. These techniques are passed down to only one successor each generation.

Kinjo Ikkokusai

Cosmetic Brushes, Jewelry and Lacquered Cosmetic Brushes

Cosmetic brushes from Kumano Town in Hiroshima Prefecture are highly valued throughout the world. The wonderful feel of these brushes is thanks to the handmade techniques of our craftspeople. Our brushes will come into direct contact with your skin, so we want you to feel at ease when using them. That is why we utilize ultraviolet sterilization techniques for your peace of mind.

Tanseido Corporation

Kumano Calligraphy Brushes

Crafted from carefully selected materials according to traditional methods, the design of these easy-to-use brushes incorporates direct input from calligraphers themselves. Kumano brushes continue to contribute to the preservation of the art of Japanese calligraphy, passing down traditional Japanese brush-making skills and craftsmanship onto future generations.


 Kumano Brushes

Miyajima Lathe Crafts

Miyajima Sand Pottery

Kumano Brushes
(for Japanese-style paintings, anime, picture postcards, etc.)

This series of brushes is crafted using a set of advanced traditional techniques and original methods by a maker that specializes in brushes used for Japanese-style paintings. Thanks to a production process in which the animal hair is used as-is, the tip of the brush is smooth and can be used for very thin lines, broad surfaces, and calligraphy. This series features anime brushes that have won high approval from professionals in Japan’s animation industry, as well as brushes for Japanese-style paintings, sumi-e, picture postcards, and many other artistic purposes.

Shougetsudo Co., Ltd.

Miyajima Lathe Crafts

The time-honored lathe crafting techniques of Miyajima artisans bring out the grains, and the true beauty, in wooden items. Best of all, their beauty only increases with use.

Kobayashi Toshiyuki

Kobayashi Isshodo

Miyajima Sand Pottery

Long ago, travelers carried sand from directly underneath the main hall of Itsukushima Shrine as a lucky charm to protect them during their travels, replacing the sand upon their return. From this practice grew the shaping of sand into pottery. In line with traditional methods, these sand pottery wares are decorated with maple leaves.

Yamane Kousai

Yamane Taigendou

Aiko beads



Aiko beads

Made through a unique process, these high quality beads are used for weaving. The beads have large holes and are of a set size so they can be woven quickly, and they have a surface that is silky smooth to the touch.

Toho Co., Ltd.

Western-style Human Hair Wig: for medical use
(all hand made)

Carrying on the tradition of the Yanokamoji (wig) that originated in the Genroku Period (1688-1704) of the Edo Era, which then developed into the nihongami katsura(Japan hair wig) in the beginning of the Meiji Period (1868-1912), this wig combines ancient traditions with modern style and technology. All wigs are hand-made through a variety of hair transplantation methods.

Kusunoki Co., Ltd.

Traditional Craftwork Hiroshima Buddhist Altar

Buddhist altars are crafted through the technical wisdom of the “seven masters” of traditional craftwork, touching upon seven essential production techniques. From the reputed painting method to the outstanding golden leaf pressing technique, this is a master work, designated as a traditional handicraft by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 1978.

Hiroshima Religious Implements Commerce and Industry Co-op

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