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 Chapter 6 Development of New Lifestyles Based on Partnership

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Chapter 6 Development of New Lifestyles Based on Partnership

Section 1
Enhancing Education

1 Promoting education that focuses on balanced intellectual, moral and physical development
We will work to enhance education that develops solid academic capabilities for children through promotion for the Hiroshima Curriculum and small-sized classrooms. In addition, we will promote education for proper emotional development, including the development of fundamental habits and moral consciousness, while working to prevent bullying and truancy. Furthermore, we will foster diverse education that allows for sound physical development and encourages our youth to tackle social challenges, while also promoting special needs education.
Hiroshima Curriculum English language class 
2 Improving our educational environment and conditions
We will work towards the systematic maintenance and enhancement of school facilities, appropriate sizing and allocation of schools based on shifts in the number of students as well as earthquake-resistant structural improvements. In addition, we will improve school administration, including the enrichment of school faculty research and training as well as school expense subsidies for families in need.

3 Strengthened cooperation between schools, households and the community and promoting schools that are open to the community
We will encourage strengthened cooperation between schools, households and the community, including the provision of relevant information and enlightenment programs for parents and local citizens as well as the promotion of child safety policy. In addition, we will promote schools that are open to the community through open access of school facilities and improvements in school assessment methods.

4 Enhancing features for higher learning and promoting industry-academia-governmentcitizen collaboration
For institutions of higher learning, we will establish operation systems capable of flexible and quick response to the demands of modern society through the corporatization of public universities. In addition, we will work towards the functional improvement of educational research including promotion for the development of attractive universities. Furthermore, we will promote diverse industry-academia-government-citizen collaboration while constantly gaining support from universities in the Hiroshima City area and beyond as well as support from various businesses.

Section 2
Development of Vibrant Youth

1 Sound development of our youth
We will work towards the sound physical and mental development of our youth, including support for domestic education, promoting the acquirement of fundamental habits at home and the creation of an environment that prevents underage drinking and smoking. In addition, we will encourage our youth to develop humane, individual and socially adept personalities. Furthermore, we will work towards proper action in dealing with environments that are harmful for our youth.

2 Development of human resources that will lead the next generation
Along with enhancing school expense subsidy systems and supporting occupational independence for young residents, we will work to develop workers who contribute to the international community through the promotion of international exchange and cooperation activities. We also will develop workers who support the local economy through promotion for ICT business-focused education. Furthermore, we will strive to develop highly talented athletes, entertainers and artists.

Section 3
Promoting Lifelong Learning

1 Providing opportunities for lifelong learning and promoting the use of its results
We will provide local citizens with opportunities and places to present and utilize the results of lifelong learning by holding open lectures in cooperation with universities and private businesses and by holding a variety of other lectures at lifelong learning-related facilities.
Presenting the results of learning activities at a local community center festival 
2 Functional enhancement of lifelong learning-related facilities
We will place efforts towards the functional enhancement of lifelong learning-related facilities by strengthening inter-facility cooperation as well as promoting facility maintenance and increased civic participation in facility management.

Section 4
Creating a Unique Urban Culture and Rich Cultural Environment

1 Creating a unique and attractive urban culture
We will work to create a local culture that highlights our area’s unique features, including expanded efforts to promote peace culture with a focus on Hiroshima’s A-bomb experience and the development of “Aquapolis Hiroshima.” In addition, we will encourage culture and history-focused community development by passing along traditional culture and crafts, promoting enriched local food culture as well as preserving and passing along cultural property.
Riverside concert 
2 Creation of a rich cultural environment
We will focus efforts towards the creation of a rich cultural environment by holding a variety of international exchange events while promoting support for art and culture organizations and related civic activities. In addition, we will provide prime opportunities for the appreciation of the arts and culture while promoting proper management and functional enhancement of various cultural facilities.

Section 5
Transforming Hiroshima into a New Sports Haven

1 Promoting sports and recreational activities in the local community
We will promote a broad range of sports and recreational activities for citizens by utilizing the features of local sports centers while developing suitable environments for such activities. We will also promote sports and recreational activities for persons with disabilities.

2 Boost competitiveness
In addition to collaborating with sports associations and school clubs, we will boost the overall competitiveness of local athletes through the focused development and training of junior athletes as well as through the acquisition and development of superior coaches.

3 Sports promotion aimed at energizing the community
We will enact sports promotion to energize the community through hosting and attracting national and international sports events, building a wave of support for the Hiroshima Toyo Carp and Sanfrecce Hiroshima pro sports teams and collaborating with TOPS Hiroshima.



Section 6
Promoting Community Development Activities and Improving Environments for Prosperous Civic Life

1 Promoting local community activities
We will work to promote local community activities by providing information regarding local community development, increasing learning opportunities for citizens and enhancing consultation services. In addition, we will ensure locations for community activities that meet the needs of our citizens.

2 Promoting community development activities for citizens
We will provide comprehensive support for community development activities for citizens, with a primary focus on the Plaza for Town Development through Citizen Exchange, through the efficient operation and use of lending programs as well as civic activity insurance. In addition, we will encourage business activities that contribute to society and promote close cooperation with citizens, NPOs and local businesses.
Plaza for Town Development through Citizen Exchange 
3 Enhanced support for leisure activities
We will provide increased support in leisure activities for our citizens by providing ample information and enhancing PR while providing learning opportunities and places to study.

4 Enhanced support for the realization of quality working life
Along with providing enhanced career support, we will work towards improving labor conditions for working residents and promoting increased full-time employment through collaboration with Hiroshima Prefecture and the national government. In addition, we will support occupational independence for young workers while promoting work-life balance.

Section 7
Creating a Gender-equal Society

1 Promoting gender equality in all fields
We will promote women’s participation in the policymaking process, gender equality in family life and community activities, and community development with a focus on extracting women’s potential, including the establishment of gender-equal hub facilities.

2 Fostering gender bias-free consciousness
We will work towards promoting gender bias-free consciousness education and enlightenment programs.

3 Developing an environment where men and women can lead independent, balanced lives at home, at work and in the community
We will work towards promoting affirmative action for motivated, talented women in the workplace while promoting job support for women and enacting enhanced policies regarding child rearing and nursing care.

4 Enhanced efforts for the eradication of violence against women and support for victims
We will promote PR and educational programs aimed at the eradication all kinds of violence against women, work to prevent domestic violence* and sexual harassment as well as provide enhanced support for victims of abuse.

5 Supporting lifelong healthy habits
Along with promoting policy related to the lifelong maintenance of healthy habits for women, we will promote educational programs regarding reproductive health and related rights for women while promoting policy to confront various health threats.

Section 8
Creating a Community that Respects Human Rights

1 Raising human rights awareness for every citizen and promoting education and enlightenment programs aimed at solving human rights issues
We will work towards promoting human rights education and enlightenment programs so that each and every citizen may deepen his or her understanding and respect for human rights while continuously upholding those rights. In addition, we will devote efforts towards the prevention of human rights violations as well as towards solving human rights issues and strengthening collaboration with related organizations.
Human Rights Education Festival 



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