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 Chapter 5 Enhancement of Healthcare, Medical Treatment and Welfare

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Chapter 5 Enhancement of Healthcare, Medical Treatment and Welfare

Section 1
Promoting Healthy Living and Ensuring an Adequate Medical Care System

1 Promoting healthy living
We will work hard to enhance healthy living educational programs, support citizens’ voluntary efforts towards healthy living, and enhance measures that promote mental health. In addition, we will boost support for the early detection and prevention of illnesses, enhanced dental healthcare programs, measures against infectious diseases as well as support for those with intractable diseases.
Walking for health 
2 Ensuring an adequate medical care provider system
We will work towards the enhancement of our community medical care system by promoting the widespread use of primary physicians, acquiring other various physicians and improving municipal medical treatment facilities. In addition, we will ensure smooth operation of our emergency medical treatment system, including nighttime emergency response.

3 Ensuring a pleasant, hygienic living environment
Along with working towards creating a more hygienic living environment, we will focus on efforts to maintain and improve crematories as well as spread information regarding proper pet keeping.

Section 2
Enhancing Welfare for the Elderly

1 Promoting elderly community participation
We will promote various social programs intended for elderly residents through support for elderly clubs and the proper management of welfare facilities for the elderly. In addition, we will promote the utilization of our elder citizens’ abilities by enhancing the activities of the Hiroshima City Senior Work Force Center and providing job-seeking support for the elderly.
Networking and exchange activities for the elderly (Fureai Iki Iki Salon) 
2 Support for peaceful living for the elderly in our communities
We will support at-home living for the elderly by working to prevent the need for nursing care, enhancing features at the Community Comprehensive Support Center and promoting the creation of a community watch system. In addition, we will provide enhanced support for elderly persons suffering from dementia while pushing for the systematic development of welfare facilities for the elderly and working to ensure the smooth operation of our nursing care insurance system.

3 Promoting the protection of rights for the elderly
We will devote efforts to prevent elderly abuse through early detection and prompt response measures. In addition, we will promote proper utilization of the adult guardianship system.

Section 3
Enhancing Welfare for Persons with Disabilities

1 Promoting barrier free access
Along with promoting understanding of disabilities and disabled residents in our community, we will work towards systematic facility maintenance and upgrades as well as boost information and communication support.

2 Services and support for persons with disabilities in the local community
We will work towards enhancing support systems for the use of consultation and other services as well as towards enriching daily life support, medical care and rehabilitation services for the disabled. In addition, we will promote disabled persons to participate in sports, recreational and cultural activities while encouraging increased utilization of ICT. Furthermore, efforts will be focused on comprehensive job support and increasing employment for the disabled.

Section 4
Enhancing Relief Measures for A-bomb Survivors

1 Enhancing support measures for A-bomb survivors based on their living conditions
We will work to enhance detailed support measures for A-bomb survivors based on their current living conditions as well as boost support for A-bomb survivors living abroad.
Number of A-bomb Survivors and Distribution by Age Group 
2 Promoting research regarding A-bomb damage, including lasting effects and current issues
Efforts will be put towards enhancing research regarding A-bomb damage, including a focus on the reality of the atomic bombing, as well as towards promoting the relocation of the Radiation Effects Research Foundation to the former site of the Engineering Department of Hiroshima University.

Section 5
Providing Comprehensive Healthcare, Medical Treatment and Welfare Services

1 Improving the comprehensive healthcare, medical treatment and welfare service provider system
In addition to close collaboration with healthcare, medical treatment and welfare institutions and related organizations, we will work to cultivate and secure service providers through private sector welfare facility personnel training programs and the support of civic volunteer activities.

2 Welfare promotion in the local community
Along with working to raise welfare consciousness among local citizens, we will create a mutually supportive community by enhancing activities of the Japan National Council of Social Welfare as well as its affiliated district welfare commissioners and commissioned child welfare volunteers.

3 Enhancing welfare for low-income residents
We will boost support for low-income earners and the homeless by spreading information regarding consultation services and the Living and Welfare Fund Loan Program.



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