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 Chapter 4 Creating a Future for Our Children

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Chapter 4 Creating a Future for Our Children

Section 1
Formation of a Society where Children Grow Healthily

1 Promoting respect for children’s rights
We will promote efforts for the respect of children’s rights by building an environment that guarantees children’s rights and encouraging youth community participation.

2 Promoting support for healthy child rearing
We will promote the creation of healthy lifestyles for children and parents alike, including the provision of information regarding maternal health and child rearing beginning in the period of pregnancy as well as the enhancement of prenatal and pediatric medical care. We will also promote increased support for children with disabilities as well as develop playgrounds and other safe places for children. Furthermore, we will promote child abuse prevention measures, enhance our foster care system, and promote comprehensive policies to cope with children’s poverty.

Section 2
Development of a Worry-free Child Rearing Environment

1 Creating a child rearing environment through the combined efforts of the entire community
Along with building a consciousness for child rearing through the combined efforts of the entire community, we will work towards the creation of a system in which home child rearing and company child rearing support activities can be economically evaluated.

2 Enhanced support for a balance between child rearing and work
Along with improving various types of child-care services to meet existing demand and acquiring suitable after school areas for children, we will strive to establish working environments that allow for a balance between work and child rearing duties.

3 Enhanced support for child rearing families
In addition to support for child rearing families through the help of community child rearing support centers and nursing schools, we will work towards reducing the economic burden placed on such families.
 a picture of open space for child rearing
4 Enhanced child rearing environments in local communities
We will enhance child rearing environments in our local communities through close collaboration with the local community, families and schools as well as through support for child rearing-related programs in the local area.



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