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 Chapter 3 Ensuring Safety and Upgrading Local Infrastructure

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Chapter 3 Ensuring Safety and Upgrading Local Infrastructure

Section 1
Promotion for Building Communities Less Vulnerable to Disasters

1 Civic activities for disaster prevention
We will promote civic activities for disaster prevention by establishing relationships with local citizens, organizations and businesses. Such activities will include the diffusion of knowledge concerning disaster prevention, execution of disaster prevention training and the promotion of voluntary disaster prevention systems.
Disaster prevention training 
2 Improvement of disaster prevention systems for organizations
In order to enact emergency disaster response measures quickly and smoothly, we will develop systems for information gathering and reporting, enhance personnel availability, as well as rebuild fire stations and volunteer firefighter garages. Also, efforts will be made to improve support systems for persons that require care as well as establish medical care systems in the event of a disaster. Furthermore, we will focus on establishing and strengthening crisis management systems.

3 Formation of Urban Structures Less Vulnerable to Disasters
We will promote regulations and guidance aiming for disaster-resistant land utilization as well as overall disaster-resistant features throughout the city, including quake-proof upgrades for private and city-owned buildings. In addition, we will commit efforts to secure functionality for utilities facilities.

Section 2
Creating Safe and Secure Communities

1 Promoting the development of safe communities where crime and accidents are less likely to occur
We will move forward with the development of safe, lowcrime communities through raising awareness, enhancing consultation systems, supporting voluntary activities run by citizens and businesses, installing street lights and maintaining school roads. In addition, we will work hard towards the proper maintenance of buildings and other structures.

2 Consumer policy
We will create a stabilized and improved consumer lifestyle by protecting consumer rights, supporting consumer independence, and providing relief for consumer damage. In addition, we will strive to ensure the safe and stable supply of perishable goods.

3 Traffic safety policy
We will create a better traffic environment by promoting the improvement of road design and traffic safety facilities as well as by placing a focus on ensuring the safety of pedestrians. In addition, we will raise traffic safety awareness by promoting enhanced traffic safety education programs.

Section 3
Creation of a Rich and Attractive Rural Life

1 Promoting comprehensive measures against depopulation
We will actively evaluate the resources and overall attractiveness of our local areas, in which depopulation is a problem. These circumstances will be treated as an opportunity to change our perspective on development by creating new lifestyles these areas. Also, while taking into account the unique characteristics and current conditions of each community, we will collaborate closely with local residents and promote comprehensive antidepopulation measures through the work of various affiliated organizations.

2 Conservation of farmland and forests and the promotion of industry
Along with the promotion of farmland and forest conservation, promotions focusing on unique regional characteristics will be carried out to highlight small and medium-sized business as well as the agriculture and forestry industries. In addition, efforts will be applied towards the development and improvement of tourism resources and the diffusion of information.

3 Improvement of living environments and community revitalization
In response to current conditions within our local areas, we will promote the creation of better living environments through the careful maintenance of existing transportation services and the adoption of new services, promoting improvements in our ICT infrastructure. Efforts will also be put forth towards ensuring welfare services as well as towards community revitalization. Furthermore, we will work hard to promote education and local culture.

4 Promoting citizen interaction and permanent residency
We will aim towards increasing the number of permanent residents and promoting exchange between urban dwellers and residents in areas suffering from depopulation by providing citizens with ample information as well as offering consultation services regarding permanent residency.

Section 4
Formation of a Balanced Organic Urban Structure

1 Formation of an organic urban structure
We will work towards the formation of a balanced organic urban structure that allows for the effective use of urban features as well as functional task allocation in the downtown area and other district hubs.

2 Promoting urban development in the downtown area and other district hubs
In addition to pushing efforts for the accumulation and promotion of urban features in downtown Hiroshima, we will promote urban development in Seifu-Shinto and systematically develop district hubs with a focus on the enhancement of urban features.

3 Improving transportation infrastructure for the effective utilization of urban features
In order to effectively use these urban features, efforts will be put towards improving public transportation and road networks.

4 Guided rational utilization of land
We will push the rational utilization of land by effectively using urban planning systems.

Section 5
Formation of Pleasant, Refined Urban Areas

1 Systematic improvement of urban areas
We will promote the systematic improvement of urban areas through land readjustment projects and properly guided development driven by private businesses.

2 Formation of pleasant urban areas that highlight city waterfront areas and greenery
We will promote the urban development and the creation of riverside green spaces through the utilization of local waterfront areas. In addition, efforts will be put towards promoting green activities at city facilities as well as on privately owned land.
Green space along the Kyobashi-gawa River 
3 Creation of a beautiful cityscape
In accordance with The Basic Plan for Cityscape Creation in Hiroshima City, we will promote efforts for the development of a beautiful cityscape through the designfocused guidance and improvement of public facilities and other buildings, proper guidance regarding outdoor advertising structures, as well as other supporting activities.

Section 6
Development of Comfortable Living Environment

1 Comprehensive and systematic promotion for housing policy
We will place efforts in activities that aim for wellrounded housing development by building consciousness among residents, creating a high quality housing stock and building great residential environments. Furthermore, we will also put forth housing policy in consideration of households with disabled persons, elderly residents, or those with small children.

2 Promoting systematic development and proper maintenance of facilities and barrier free access
Efforts will be made to ensure the systematic development and proper maintenance of facilities, including the construction of roads and parks and actions to cope with aging facilities. Promotions will also be carried forward towards the introduction of barrier free access for city facilities as well as private buildings.

3 Measures in response to aging population problems in suburban housing developments
With the cooperation of local residents, we will take action in response to current regional conditions through the enhancement of living environments including public transportation improvements, community revitalization and promoting families with small children to easily exchange housing arrangements with older households that wish to live in a more convenient urban setting.

Section 7
Improvement of the Local Urban Transportation System

1 Developing comprehensive urban transportation policy
We will develop comprehensive urban transportation policy including the promotion of transportation demand management measures such as staggered commuting hours and the expansion of “Leave Your Car at Home Day,” securing safe and comfortable areas for pedestrians and bicyclists, as well as promoting parking policy for automobiles and bicycles.

2 Promoting the utilization and functional enhancement of public transportation
We will promote usage and increased functionality of local public transportation by improving existing JR lines, enhancing streetcar and bus features, and by making line transfers more convenient for all types of public transportation.
"Light Rail Transit" streetcar model 
3 Development of a systematic urban road network
To ensure the smooth flow of road traffic, we will promote the systematic development of roads in conjunction with urban improvement programs.



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