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 Chapter 2 Forming a Partnership between Humans and the Environment

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Chapter 2 Forming a Partnership between Humans and the Environment

Section 1
Promoting Policy Related to Global Warming and Energy

1 Business activities
Along with encouraging energy conservation within the business community, we will accelerate efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by introducing regulatory measures for businesses that emit greenhouse gases beyond a certain level.

2 Family life
Along with encouraging energy conservation amongst our citizens, efforts will be made to improve environmental design for residences through the subsidization of solar power generation systems and other similar products.

3 Restrained automobile use
While making advances in transportation demand management policy, we will promote the functional enhancement and increased usage of public transportation. In addition, promotional efforts will be put towards pedestrian and bicyclist-friendly community development, streamlined automobile use for business purposes, and the widespread adoption of low-emission vehicles.

4 Leading administrative action
To fulfill its responsibility as a business entity, City Hall will promote energy conservation and renewable energy usage, increased usage of environmentally-conscious products and various other measures related to energy and global warming.

5 Greenhouse gas sink expansion
To increase the absorption of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, we will encourage green activities at municipal government buildings and private facilities while promoting the preservation of existing forests, green spaces and farm land.
"Green curtains" on the walls of Hiroshima City Hall 
6 Realization of a low-carbon society
Along with promoting the establishment of carbon emissions trading markets in which citizens participate and advancing other related efforts to reduce greenhouse gases, we will drive forward progressively with the introduction of new energy resources to replace traditional fossil fuels. Furthermore, we will devote efforts to the creation of long-term policy regarding global warming and energy issues.

7 Appropriate action against the negative
effects of global warming on civic life We will promote measures that minimize the various negative effects of global warming on the lives of our citizens, including efforts to prevent natural disasters and secure comfortable residential environments.

Section 2
Hiroshima, Zero-emissions City Promotion

1 Recycling and garbage reduction
While continuously working to reduce garbage volume using specified targets, dedicated efforts will go towards controlling garbage output by providing better information to the public. In addition, we will work towards promoting recycling through garbage separation and office paper recycling.

2 Proper garbage processing
To stably process the garbage that still remains despite increased recycling and garbage reduction efforts, we will strive to improve and properly manage garbage processing facilities.

3 Industrial waste policy
We will actively promote proper processing, reduction and recycling of industrial waste through the enhanced supervision of businesses that output such waste. In addition, efforts will be put towards construction byproduct recycling and output controls.

Section 3
Promoting Comprehensive Policy to Sustain a Clean Environment

1 Improving the local environment
While placing a constant emphasis on the protection of local rivers, sea, forests, green space and farm land, we will promote the development of an environment where people can view our beautiful greenery and waterfront areas. In addition, we will advance efforts that preserve our citizens’ living environments, including air and water pollution prevention as well as policy for the prevention of littering and illegal dumping.
Ota-gawa River (near the Motomachi Revetment) 
2 Promoting environmental conservation activities
Efforts will be made to secure environmental education opportunities and support progressive environmental conservation programs in order to gain even more active voluntary participation from local citizens and businesses.

3 Promoting comprehensive policy as an environmentally advanced city
As an environmentally advanced city, we will implement the Urban Environmental Accords and promote actions addressing a wide range of environmental issues, inducing proper development through utilization of the environmental impact assessment system.



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