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 Chapter 2 Perspective on City Development in Response to

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Chapter 2 Perspective on City Development in Response to Societal Changes both in the World and in Japan

One of the pressing challenges the world is facing today is avoiding the third use of nuclear weapons, and to achieve such will require several years of hard work.From a longer-term point of view, the world is approaching a critical turning point. Faced with the risks of global warming, decreasing oil reserves, and the diversified effects arising from the globalization, cities and their residents are now at a point where they are expected to be actively involved and to tackle such issues by creating their own solutions. With the rise of a depopulating and unprecedentedly aged society due to declining birthrates, the times of the “Balanced Development of National Land” based on the prospects of expansion and growth in the market economy are now over. In other words, any plan focusing on the “national average” is no longer valid. We need to build social and economic systems in which human needs and potentials are valued, nature is preserved and intrinsic human kindness and creativity effectively applied. Based on the challenges as seen from a broader perspective for city development in response to societal changes in the world and in Japan, it is essential that the City of Hiroshima promote systematic development in close view of the future, with particular emphases on the following categories of action:

1 Measures related to the state of nuclear weapons in the world
2 Global warming countermeasures
3 Responding to the effects of decreased oil reserves
4 Responding to changes in the market economy, including increased globalization
5 Responding to societal changes, including declining birthrates, aging and depopulation
6 Promoting city development based on a new set of values



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