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Dogwood Initiative 2001 11. Millenium Bridge

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11. Millenium Bridge

The Millennium Bridge monument symbolizes the everlasting friendship extending across the Pacific between Japan and the United States of America. It was donated to the City of Hiroshima by The Japan Society of San Diego and Tijuana (JSSDT) in 2001, fifty years after the signing of the San Francisco Peace Treaty.
The Japan Society of San Diego and Tijuana endorsed the Dogwood Initiative 2001, which was launched by the City of Hiroshima, through sending dogwood seeds and also enlisted the support of the National Association of Japan-America Societies (NAJAS) in collecting donations from citizens to create the piece.
This bridge was created by Manuel Bennett, a resident of Mexico. The monument depicts families from the USA, Mexico and Japan, interacting joyfully on the bridge, surrounded by doves.

Millennium Bridge Facts

  • Material - Bronze
  • Size (H x W x D) - 198cm(6'6") x 482cm(15'8") x 10cm(4")
  • Weight - 157kg(346lbs)
  • Location - basement, first level, the International Conference Center Hiroshima

Millenium Bridge


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