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Dogwood Initiative 2001 6. Dogwood Characteristics

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 6. Dogwood Characteristics

Japanese name: Hanamizuki

Family Mizuki, Genus: Mizuki, Scientific name: Cornus florida Linn.

Origin of name and characteristics

The dogwood grows naturally in eastern North America, throughout Canada and the United States. It is the state flower of Virginia located in the eastern part of the United States, and the official flower of the City of Atlanta, Georgia, in the south. In the United States, the dogwood received its name from the fact that the bark of the tree was boiled to create a medicine used to treat skin diseases in dogs.

An adult dogwood reaches between 4 and 10m in height. There are two types of flowers, white and pink. The area of the flower that appears to be large petals is actually called an involucrum, an organ that acts to protect the flower.

Flowering season: April to May
Maturation: October



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