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Dogwood Initiative 2001 4. Dogwood Promenade

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 4. Dogwood Promenade

We started the Dogwood Initiative 2001 in an effort to emulate the exchange of cherry blossom and dogwood trees that symbolized the friendship between the US and Japan at the beginning of the 20th century. We will create a beautiful dogwood promenade along the banks of the Kyobashi-gawa River as a living testament to the friendship between the US and Japan, representing for centuries to come the goodwill of the people of the US toward the people of Hiroshima.

    Outline of dogwood promenade
  • Kyobashi-gawa Riverbanks Length: approximately 6.8km
  • Number of trees planted (along both riverbanks from Sakae-bashi Bridge to Miyuki-bashi Bridge): approximately 600

 Kyobashi-gawa Riverbanks

Kyobashi-gawa Riverbanks

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