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1.        Links from other websites to the website of the City of Hiroshima

In principle, links can be freely made to the website of the City of Hiroshima. However, links to this site will be rejected when the content of other websites and linking methods are determined to be as follows:

  • offensive to public order and morals; or
  • žharmful to third parties or the city, or destructive to the credibility of the city.

Links should be made to the top page of the website.

2.        Links from the website of the City of Hiroshima to other websites

In principle, links are limited to the websites of the following organizations and institutions.

  • Organizations related to the city and those sponsored by the city
  • žNational institutions and their affiliated organizations
  • žOther municipal governments and their affiliated organizations
  • žUniversities
  • žTesting and research institutions
  • žPublic service organizations and other highly prominent organizations

žOrganizations with websites that are deemed highly important due to certain features or composition and that have been approved by the administrator of the website of the city



In principle, the copyrights of all files, including documents and images, on the website of the city and its content are owned by the city. (The copyrights of certain images are owned by their respective creators.)

The unauthorized use, duplication, reprinting, sale, alteration or printing for distribution of any of the documents and images on the website is strictly prohibited except under the conditions permitted by copyright laws, such as reprinting for personal use or use of proper citation.



The city tries to ensure the accuracy of information contained on the website. However, the city assumes no responsibility for any acts undertaken by the user with the use of the information on the website.

Since the websites of third parties linked to this website are not under the control of the city, the city assumes no responsibility for any damages that may be caused by the content of these websites or the use of such content.

The content of this website is subject to change or deletion without prior notice.

Inquiries regarding this site

Public Relations Division, Planning and General Affairs Bureau
Tel:082-504-2116 /  FAX:082-504-2067