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The website of the City of Hiroshima (including all web pages of the city that are linked from the top page) is designed to disseminate information about the city administration and to assist the daily living of residents of the City of Hiroshima. It is managed and operated by the Public Relations Division, Planning and General Affairs Bureau, City of Hiroshima.

˜Site Policy

žWe are constantly working to improve the usability of our website so that the user can search for and obtain necessary information more easily.

žWe aim to make our website accessible to everyone, regardless of their knowledge of the Internet, whether they have a disability, or the computer environment of the user.

Management of content

The content is managed by each respective department.

Inquiries regarding this site

Public Relations Division., Planning and General Affairs Bureau
Tel:082-504-2116 /  FAX:082-504-2067