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Hiroshima 2045: City of Peace and Creativity: Completed Projects

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Hiroshima Municipal Yano-minami Elementary School

Designed by: Reiko Tomita
The Yano-minami Elementary School was newly constructed in the New Town area in the eastern part of Hiroshima City.

This school was designed to achieve the following:
  1. A school that coexists with natural surroundings.
  2. A school whose uniqueness engenders deep attachment to the region and the school.
  3. A school where children can be unconstrained and active in both mind and body.
Hiroshima Municipal Yano-minami Elementary School
Enkogawa River Art Promenade

Designed by: Yoji Sasaki

This area is situated on the Enkogawa River very close to Hiroshima Station. The banks of the river have been virtually reborn thanks to the novel design.

With open space named Cherry Tree Veranda and Waterside Gallery, this newly created scenic landscape fuses into the cityscape of the adjacent Dambara redevelopment area.
Enkogawa River Art Promenade
Higashi Senda Park

Designed by: Norihisa Yamamoto

Emerging from the former site of Hiroshima University, the Higashi Senda Park features a 10,000 m 2Plaza and Green Exterior Corridors that connect up with a Grove created by Green Interior Corridors.

With various trees and shrubbery donated by countries from all over the world in the post-war period, such as the rows of date palms and metasequoias running from the front side, this park remains vital and flourishing.
Higashi Senda Park
Hiroshima Municipal Motomachi Senior High School

Designed by: Hiroshi Hara

Motomachi Senior High School, located directly north of Hiroshima Castle, was designed as a miniature city. Students attend classes divided between the pleasant environments of the upper floor Residence (regular classrooms) and lower floor Offices (special classrooms). The stilts attached to the first floor provide a gradual contact point with the surrounding area.
Hiroshima Municipal Motomachi Senior High School
Hiroshima City Nishi Fire Station

Designed by: Riken Yamamoto

Looking out on Peace Boulevard in Nishi Ward, the Nishi Fire Station was designed under the concept of a Jewelry Box of Security. The glass-covered facade allows passers-by to catch glimpses of the firefighters working inside providing local residents with a sense of security. The building also features facilities to elevate interest in firefighting activities such as an atrium for firefighter training and the observation terrace with attached display hall.
Hiroshima City Nishi Fire Station
Naka Incineration Plant

Designed by: Yoshio Taniguchi

The Naka Incineration Plant was constructed on a reclaimed landfill at the southern tip of the Yoshijima area and lines up directly with Peace Memorial Park. The building creates a completely unique and groundbreaking departure from the typical image of waste treatment facilities. The Ecorium, a glass passage facing the ocean and running directly onto the roadway axis, exposes the inner workings of the plant to the public while also featuring a display system related to environmental problems. These features function to heighten public awareness about the natural environment as well as achieving feeling of liberation and connectedness by serving as a kind of escapeway from the city to the ocean.
Naka Incineration Plant

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