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Hiroshima 2045: City of Peace and Creativity

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Hiroshima 2045: City of Peace and Creativity initiated in 1995 on the 50th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, is an initiative to create social infrastructures with superior design characteristics as Hiroshima moves through the next fifty years to 2045.
The initiative recognizes that building projects in Hiroshima are one of the most important aspects in forming a cityscape, and involves the selection and appointment of designers highly skilled in all fields of urban design, such as architecture, civil engineering and landscaping, from the planning stages. By doing so, we will promote the creation of a distinctive and attractive urban landscape.
 Policy Regarding Selection of Projects
In general, projects are selected from among the building projects written in the Implementation Plan of the City of Hiroshima. The aspects of the concept, plan formulation or design of these projects should satisfy any of the criteria listed below, in whole or in part (such as design planning, or design supervision, etc.).
(1) Projects that are deeply related to the city’s historical landscape and the rivers and sea that are regional resources of Hiroshima City.
(2) Large-scale and similar projects that function to recreate a historical aspect of the city.
(3) Projects that are expected to provide excellent and new urban scenery through fusion design (integrated design involving architecture, civil engineering, landscaping, etc.).
(4) Projects that enhance the attractiveness of the city center.
(5) Other projects that will potentially become important elements of the urban scenery.

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